Alternative Dispute Resolution, Work Place Diversity and Cultural Fluency and Diversity Training


mediation, facilitation and conflict coaching

As your Guide, we offer a variety of approaches to creatively resolve workplace disputes, saving your organization the stress, time, and escalating costs associated with the formal legal processes.

cultural fluency and diversity training

As your Guide, we help your organization and its leaders become culturally fluent in the workplace. Guide uses cultural competency techniques to develop managerial skills to enhance the interpersonal connection at the individual and group levels.

workplace conflict investigation and restoration

As your Guide we offer conflict resolution design services that allow your organization to address and resolve workplace issues, and that build systems to manage and maintain a conflict-free environment going forward.

productive, effective and happy workplaces

As your Guide, we provide advisory and conflict resolution services for organizational leaders and low/mid/high level management teams looking to develop and implement consensus-building programs that minimize conflict.


We were referred to Guide, as we were having a lot of conflict in our workplace. Guide trained us to manage our own conflicts through a series of workshops and micro-training skills, and they also listened to everyone, acknowledged their issues, and then found ways to address and solve the issues in a way that allows us to co-exist, but also be productive. Guide also taught us how to be culturally aware of our own biases, and sadly, we all have them, and are learning to manage them.

— Oral Surgeons, Buffalo, NY.

In November 2016 we retained Guide to deal with a complicated contract issue we were having with two executives of a corporation we represent. We heard about Guide through another lawyer, and retained them to speak to the two leaders, as we were at an impasse with different visions of what they wanted for their company. We were amazed at how Guide got the two to actually start talking, and were we surprised when we learned so much of the obstacles have nothing to do with the company, but with their ideas and their negative assumptions about one another. After Guide came in, we were able to get down to the nitty-gritty legal work, no longer worried about the personalities presenting obstacles. We’d recommend Guide to anyone who has ongoing disputes between members of the same client corporation, or really for any dispute.

— Law Firm, Toronto