Cultural Fluency Training

Introductory workshop

We offer cultural fluency training and how to manage cultural differences and biases in appropriate dispute resolution processes (mediation, negotiation, litigation, arbitration, hybrid processes).

This workshop is a must for mediators, judges, negotiators, workplace leaders, lawyers, social workers, and other professionals frequently involved in ADR processes. Often it is the cultural differences that present the biggest obstacles to utilizing a dispute resolution model to its maximum benefit. Through case studies and interaction with peers, this course offers an introduction on how cultural fluency is essential to all dispute resolution processes.

Awkward conversations and bridging cultural difference

This workshop teaches workplace leaders, managers, lawyers, human resources professionals, social workers, and other professionals how to navigate the layers of cultural difference, and the techniques shown will allow you to jump the hurdles of cultural differences, allowing for awkward conversations to give way to openness and productive communication.

Learn to recognize Inter-cultural biases in negotiation

In this one day workshop, negotiators, mediators, workplace leaders, human resources professionals, lawyers, social workers, and other professionals learn to recognize cultural nuances that commonly show up in the negotiation setting. Through case studies and interaction with your peers, learn about cultural fluency and unconscious biases, allowing you to be a confident negotiator in any situation, no matter how complex or stressful. Culture difference is often the obstacle to successful negotiations, and understanding how to successfully navigate cross-cultural situations and intra-cultural differences results in "win-win" negotiations.

The Cultural Skill-Set

In this in-depth, interactive workshop workplace leaders, negotiators, mediators, human resources professionals, lawyers, social workers, and other professionals acquire techniques and strategies to develop cultural fluency in the workplace arena. Here you will learn what cultural competency means and how it differs from cultural fluency. You will learn how to reflect on biases, identify and understand cultural discomfort, and understand what it means to be culturally fluent. Those who take this comprehensive workshop walk away with practical skills and useful tools that allow for building a harmonious, collegial and culturally aware workplace. Those acquiring the cultural skill-set understand how its application to the everyday workplace results in both productivity and profitability in their organizations.