Workshops and Long-Range Consulting

Guide has developed a number of conflict resolution workshops that show you how to easily navigate and resolve workplace disputes and manage conflict before outside resources are required. Guide also shows you techniques that help you build a culturally fluent workplace that recognizes the many differences within your workforce, and how to avoid the pitfalls that may arise from a lack of understanding. Below you may browse our relevant workshops that provide actionable insight and tools for our clients. We can also prepare custom workshops to meet your specific needs based on your workplace and its unique requirements.
As with all of our work, our consulting is deemed confidential.

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Workplace Assessments

This is offered as a one-day assessment of your workplace. We identify and diagnose workplace conflicts, and provide confidential advice and a detailed strategy on how to resolve and further manage these conflicts with a view to restoring the workplace to a peaceful, happier environment.

Workplace Conflict Coaching

Guide offers one to one coaching with employees (staff or union members), and all levels of management coaching sessions, offering tools on how to effectively manage daily workplace conflict.

Workplace Mediation

Guide offers confidential mediation for issues arising from workplace harassment under the Ontario Health and Safety Act, toxic work environments, low workplace morale, and human rights (Ontario Human Rights Code) complaints. Our mediation structure allows for discovering issues, all parties’ interests, and works to excavate options that allow for positive solutions and happier work environments.

Mediation sessions can be as short as three hours, and as long as multiple-days, depending on the number of parties, and the depth and variety of issues to be addressed.

Ombuds Services (impartial, confidential, flexible)

Guide offers case-by-case services to address a variety of conflicts that arise in the workplace, from garden-variety disputes to workplace harassment and human rights complaints to racialized and cultural difference issues. Managing conflict takes away from productivity, and Guide is here to take conflict off your plate. Let us steer the disputes away from conflict and towards solution-making while you concentrate on the work of your organization.