What can Guide offer you?

Workplace Conflict Management and Restoration

Guide provides advisory and conflict resolution services and dispute design for organizational leaders and low/mid/high level management teams looking to develop and implement consensus-building and workplace restoration processes that minimize conflict in the workplace.

We also train your employees to manage internal conflict, with a view to achieving and maintaining a happy and effective workplace environment.

Cultural Fluency Training  (more information)

Guide offers training to workplace leaders, staff and employees in areas of:

  • Recognizing unconscious biases;
  • Understanding and being aware of micro-aggressions;
  • Training workplace leaders and low/mid/high level managers and employees to navigate cultural differences in cross-border industry dealings;
  • Training workplace leaders to comfortably navigate differences in the workplace, and to communicate effectively in spite of differences.

Ombuds On Call

Guide offers on call services where we offer consultation services to businesses needing conflict resolution training, coaching and mediation on a case-by-case basis.

Our Areas of Expertise:  (more information)
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Workplace Conflict Assessments
  • Designing Workplace Conflict Resolution Systems
  • Workplace Conflict Coaching (one-to-one)
  • Workplace Mediations (Workplace Harassment and Ontario Human Rights Code Complaints)
  • Working Conflict Resolution Training
  • Workplace Self-Reflection Training
  • Cross-border negotiations
  • Peer Mediation Training
  • Management Mediation Training

***All our workshops are tailor-made for your organization’s needs, and are offered over weekends, multiple days, or multiple week courses.