Who We Are and Why to Choose Guide?

To Awareness. To Dialogue. To Resolution.

Guide is a workplace conciliation and cultural fluency practice that steers workplace conflict away from the courtroom and grievance/arbitration path and onto the road to restorative resolution.

At Guide we like to work in the grey zone, because conflict is rarely right versus wrong or black and white. The grey zone offers a unique space, where creativity and fairness join together to resolve conflict.

We are here to solve disputes, but at the same time ensure the interests of all participants in a dispute are heard, and their needs are addressed and met, and costs are kept to a minimum.

We train individuals, lawyers, executives, managers, employees, other mediators to practice self-awareness to generate effective dialogue and understanding so as to find a different path to solve a dispute.

We are not made up of “just lawyers”, but rather lawyers who have extensive mediation, facilitation, and conflict resolution training, and understand how to consensus-build so that workplace problems are resolved, not fueled.

Frequently, workplace conflict is a result of cultural differences.

At Guide, our facilitators advise organizations and its leaders on how to manage cultural difference, recognize cultural bias (conscious or unconscious), gain cultural understanding, and at the same time embrace our differences.

Guide also has a special interest in offering advice and training to organizational leaders to think about how the brain reacts while enmeshed in cultural conflict.

About Sandhya Kohli:
Sandhya Kohli

Sandhya Kohli, a lawyer, mediator, facilitator, and educator, is the founder and leader of Guide.

After practicing in the civil and criminal litigation world, Guide was created as a way to resolve disputes without taking the adversarial path.

As an adjunct professor and lecturer of Dispute Settlement at Osgoode Hall and Queen University law schools, Ms. Kohli enjoys teaching law students to self-reflect, and teaches students the interest-based skills and techniques in negotiation, mediation, and facilitation models to solve disputes.

Sandhya frequently speaks on cultural fluency, and how differences in who we are can often be the key source of workplace conflict and the key obstacle to resolving that conflict.

Sandhya also serves as Integrity Commissioner to both the York Region and Durham District School Boards.

  • Bachelor of Laws, LLB–University of Calgary
  • Master of Arts in English Literature and Language
  • Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution, LLM–Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Certificate in Mediation–Harvard Law School
  • Certificate in Family Law Mediation¬–York University
  • Certificate in Workplace and Workplace Restoration–Workplace Fairness Institute
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